The Lopers Club extends its warmest thanks and congratulations to Warren as he and his wife make the move to Michigan. Warren, thanks for your many years of support and we look forward to running with you again soon.

Thanks for coming out Tues. after Tues. this fall, in spite of some hot evenings.  Autumn will bring cooler temperatures the next few weeks.

This Tuesday we are doing a routine I invented–corner to corner accelerations and decelerations.  It’s basically light to light pole.  Accelerate to FULL speed at the middle light pole, then slowly decelerate to the tall corner light pole and repeat the routine all over again.  Keep going for 25 to 35 min.  Some may even want to do 40 minutes!

At the end of the evening I will turn over the coaching duties to our new co-leaders for speed work:  Patrick Kelley and Carl Burton. 

At the beginning of the evening we need to vote on whether to go to our usual winter schedule, which is to start at 6:30 pm instead of 7:00 pm.  The majority will decide. Be there at 7:00 pm for the vote.