I will be out of town for March 12, but Adrienne has graciously accepted responsibility for taking charge then.  I will be back with the track clock on the 19th.  Everyone doing a marathon at L.A. or Orange County, etc. should come.  We will predict how you will do in the marathon!  (see below)

Tues., March 12, 6:30 pm, meet at Drayson Center track–Ladders.  Start at 60% effort and build up to 90% effort in 1-min. increments, then start over and repeat going from 60% to 90%.  Do a total time of 20 to 32 min.  32 min. is equivalent to 8 rounds.  A good target, however, is 6 rounds (24 min.).  Come early (a little after 6:00 pm) for warmups.  The time change does not affect our starting time.

Tues., March 19–Yassoos.  This is 800-meter repeats with rest in between.  Do at least 5.  This is the best indicator of how you will do at LA Marathon (the next Sunday).  Add 10 seconds or so from your times for the 800 meters.  Add up all the times and then double the total.  This will give your target time in hours and minutes for the marathon.

Tues., March 26 – Corner to corner on the track- every other side of the track is at a fast pace.

Tues., March 28 – 400 meters repeats.

If you run the LA marathon, then you should skip the Mar. 26 workout and come for the Mar. 28 one!