The Loma Linda Lopers started in 1977 and have been going strong ever since.

Over the years, runners and walkers throughout the Inland Empire have come to Loma Linda to participate in the clinic, the club’s training program. Because of the positive and extensive impact the Lopers has had on people throughout the Inland Empire, we began referring to it in 2007 as simply The Lopers Club to reflect the club’s service to the surrounding areas as well.

While the Lopers originally trained for the Honolulu Marathon, the Club decided in 1986 to make training for the L.A. Marathon one of its major events. Nearly 100 percent of the members who complete the training program complete their first marathon or half marathon each year.

The Lopers meet Sundays at 6:30 a.m. at the Drayson Center on the campus of Loma Linda University.

The weekly Lopers Clinic agenda begins with a 30 minute program, which includes announcements and guest speakers who teach about every aspect of training (i.e., nutrition, running gear, shoes, hydration, motivation, etc.) and takes place August through March (the members still meet in April through July but in a less formal structure). Around 7:00 a.m. the members do their training miles.

Members are grouped into pace groups so they are training with others who share their ability level. The pace groups are led by pace leaders, experienced marathoners who help train other members reach their goals.

The bond the Lopers share with each other is strong. Experienced Lopers participate in a variety of races with each other within California, in other states, and even in other countries. The fun and camaraderie we enjoy with each other is evident and draws new members to the club yearly.

The Lopers always encourage others to come train and have fun with us! Become a Loper today and start your journey to a higher level of fitness and fun!